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windows.png tux.png For Windows and Linux, it is free and open source.

vokoscreenNG is an easy to use screencast creator to record educational videos, live recordings of browser, installation, videoconferences, etc.

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History: In January 2012 the first version for Linux with the name vokoscreen came out. In the middle of 2017, the decision was made to start over from scratch. The aim was to develop a version for Linux and Windows with the frameworks Qt and GStreamer. After more than two years of development, vokoscreenNG for Linux was released at the end of December 2019 and vokoscreenNG for Windows at the end of January 2020.

Transifex Please help to translate on transifex
Only 100% translated languages will be added to vokoscreenNG. You can translate to anytime, your translation will be included in the next bugfix release.

Github Sourcecode hosted on github