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Please uninstall an older version before install the new version.

vokoscreenNG-3.0.5-win32.exe    31. July 2020    SHA-256 Hash:    FC07E2F3C2169E07B5E406C974D564688BDD9F3EDDB02760F697E2937C7E4360

Older Versions:
vokoscreenNG-3.0.4-win32.exe    30. Apr. 2020    SHA-256 Hash:    5617e51cf3bcb83e026f8bf0a92d93ee2c071f81f4c928dc022f42cfece9e64f
vokoscreenNG-    01. Apr. 2020    SHA-256 Hash:    f4dad6f8fbccf86db28a9a0386dc3b7b79fc0f592aac5b1196e9d42137ef63c7
vokoscreenNG-3.0.3-win32.exe    31. Mar. 2020    Package was totally broken, not correct GStreamer version.
vokoscreenNG-3.0.2-win32.exe    11. Feb. 2020    SHA-256 Hash:    aeb58b73c57119c8df67b9a351f15cf464ee5712a3647963e0972af9c3232603
vokoscreenNG-3.0.1-win32.exe    31. Jan. 2020    SHA-256 Hash:    06b49cd953223caf8f20e0e3b536a3421f00613642e1889e19aaf87154161b32